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Nominees Nalacs Thesis Award

We are pleased to announce the eight nominees for the NALACS Thesis Award 2015-2016, which will be held on Friday March 31, 2017, in Rialto

1. Pablo Campaña with his thesis 'Cultural Genocide Against Huaorani Indigenous People (1968-1975)'

2. Laura A. Garcia with her thesis 'Based in Place: Alternative Economies in the Region of Chocó, Colombia'

3. Linda de Geus with her thesis 'Socio-spatial Segregation through Architectural Verwandlung'

4. Adam Moore with his thesis 'Un Pedacito de Tierra: Analysis of Political Agency of Internally Displaced Persons'

5. Angelica Neiszer with her thesis 'Narratives and Dispute: Enforced Disappearance and Public Memorialization in Guatemala'

6. Débora Póvoa with her thesis 'The Commodification of Poverty: The Development and Institutionalization of Favela Tourism and Consumption in the City of Rio de Janeiro'

7. Hannah Lina Schütz with her thesis 'Entre articulaciones subversivas y subvertidas'

8. Eva Maria van der Woude with her thesis 'Identity and Ideology The Making of a Revolutionary Miner Bolivia, 1935-1952'

All the nominees who are present in Amsterdam that day will give a short presentation in PechaKucha style on their thesis during the ceremony. After their presentations the winner will be announced by the jury (and this year we'll also have a prize for the best Pecha Kucha presentation!). In the coming weeks up to the award ceremony we will present to you the topics these students have addressed in their research on Latin America on our Facebook page!