Submit your thesis
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Submit your thesis


Have you recently written your Master’s thesis on a topic related to Latin America and the Caribbean? Then send us your thesis before April 30, 2022, and you are in competition to win the NALACS Thesis Award and a €250 cash prize! To enter the competition and be eligible for the NALACS Thesis Award, you must fulfill the following requirements:


  • Your thesis must be completed between September 1, 2020 and September 1, 2021
  • Your thesis must be written at a Dutch university or other Dutch academic institution
  • Your thesis must be graded 8 or higher
  • Your thesis must be written in English or Spanish
  • Your thesis must consider Latin America and the Caribbean as a central geographical region*


Your thesis will be reviewed by a selected academic committee and assessed on the following criteria:


  1. Scientific quality and originality
  2. Writing style and structure of the thesis
  3. Societal relevance


* The selection committee will give preference to theses in the Social Sciences and Humanities and/or the ones that have a multidisciplinary approach. However, if you feel that your thesis makes a major contribution to the region, we encourage you to submit it.


To enter the competition, please fill in this form and send a digital copy of your thesis to Lorena del Castillo ([email protected]) before April 30, 2022, mentioning on the subject: ‘NALACS Thesis Award 2020 – 2021’.




The award will be presented at a special NALACS event in the second semester of 2022. For any remaining questions, please contact [email protected]