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NALACS Annual General Meeting + Public Lecture by Ralph Sprenkels

The Board of Nalacs kindly invites all our members to join our annual General Meeting (Algemene Ledenvergadering), which will take place on Friday June 12th at Cedla: Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation. During the meeting, we will look back at our activities in 2014 and the first months of 2015 and will present our plans for this year and for the first months of 2016. 

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Program NALACS Thesis Award

The programme of the NALACS Thesis Award on Friday February 27th in film theatre Rialto is now fully confirmed and available to view online! Please check the details below or visit the event page on Facebook. We hope to see you next week Friday!


NALACS Thesis Award 2013-2014

Have you recently written your Master's thesis on a Latin American or Caribbean topic? Then send us your thesis before October 1, 2014 and you are in competition to win the NALACS Thesis Award and a €250 cash prize!

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